About Us

TMS Physical Therapy
Comprehensive Care that’s Focused on You!

Tim Schell, P.T., owner of the renowned TMS Physical Therapy Clinic is dedicated to bring patients every advance that can contribute to faster, more effective and more comfortable healing. The clinic continues to implement new techniques and equipment in order to provide our patients with excellent comprehensive care.

Our new Aquatic Center is open and is the leading form of therapeutic exercise because warm water creates an ideal environment for patients with painful joints and weak muscles.

Water provides a person’s body with consistent resistance in every position while maintaining support for any weak areas. Buoyancy protects weight bearing joints, bones and muscles from painful stress. The water temperature in our pool area is at a constant 92 degrees and the air temperature is 87 degrees. Who has to go South during the winter for warm water, all you have to do is come to TMS! To ensure each patient has the individualized attention they deserve, Tim now employs a staff of 12 full- and part-time employees. Our team is made up of Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, Aides and Office Staff. Our care is convenient and affordable, a place where you’ll always receive a personalized program that is best for you.

At TMS, whether in the water or in the clinic, we take the team approach to provide effective healing of pain and injuries. Stop in and take a look or come as a patient and “experience the healing touch”.

Ceiling Tile Project

Eleven Grove City students painted two dozen ceiling tile scenes that are now hanging at TMS! The project was part of their community art class, led by teachers Chris Bauer and Amanda DiAlesandro.